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  • Bi-Rite Market
  • Canyon Market
  • Faletti Foods
  • La Cocina Kiosk - Ferry Building
  • Whole Foods - Mill Valley, Blithedale
  • Whole Foods - Noe Valley
  • Whole Foods - Potrero Hill
  • Whole Foods - Haight
  • Whole Foods - Oakland
  • Whole Foods - Los Altos
  • Whole Foods - San Mateo
  • Whole Foods – Palo Alto
  • Serendipity – San Carlos
  • Other Avenues – San Francisco
  • Toque Blanche – Half Moon Bay

What Are The “Hearts” of Chocolate Truffles?

The “heart” of a chocolate truffle is a term coined by Neo Cocoa founder, owner and pastry chef Christine Doerr, which describes the uniqueness of her truffles. Neo Cocoa’s truffles are like none other you’ll find on the market today. She’s added flavor twists on traditional French or European-style truffles and created a confection much more delicate than its hard-shelled American-style counterpart. Christine’s truffles are shell-less. They are truly the heart of a truffle—rich, creamy chocolate delicately dusted with cocoa powder. Her unique blend of natural yet decadent ingredients is what makes Neo Cocoa’s hand-made chocolate truffles so unique and irresistible!

8 Sumptuous Truffle Flavors To Indulge In:

  • Almond Butter and Smoked Salt Roasted almond butter, applewood smoked sea salt, bittersweet chocolate ganache, cocoa powder
  • Crushed Bittersweet Nib Guittard’s roasted cocoa nibs, bittersweet chocolate ganache, cocoa powder
  • Zested Lime Fresh organic lime zest, organic lime oil, bittersweet ganache, cocoa powder
  • Toasted Coconut Lightly toasted macaroon coconut, organic coconut milk, bittersweet chocolate ganache, cocoa powderRoasted almond butter, applewood smoked sea salt, bittersweet chocolate ganache, cocoa powder
  • Mocha Cinnamon Italian espresso infused cream, bittersweet chocolate ganache, cinnamon laced cocoa powder
  • Warm Ginger Root Fresh ginger infused cream, bittersweet chocolate ganache, cocoa powder
  • Cool Peppermint Fresh peppermint leave infused cream, bittersweet chocolate ganache, cocoa powder
  • Salted Caramel Milk chocolate, handmade fresh caramel finished with Hawaiian black lava sea salt

Neo Cocoa: Elegant Chocolate Truffles

We first met Christine Doerr and Neo Cocoa a year ago at the farmers market at San Francisco’s Ferry Building. She was offering pieces of her precious truffles; we had just eaten our way through the market and were stuffed to the metaphoric gills. But there’s always room for temptation. We bit...
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Top Ten Chocolatier in North America

Interview from Dessert Professional Magazine

December 2011

Chocolate Philosophy: Similar to my contemporaries, I believe in taking advantage of quality, local chocolate and ingredients. And of course, sharing my creations with people who will appreciate and enjoy them.

Inspiration: My first job was in Alice Medrich's chocolate bakery, Cocolat. That influenced me to attend the California Culinary Academy. I worked as a pastry chef in many restaurants and bakeries for over a decade. Chocolate is the medium I use to express myself creatively.

Business Profile: I sell primarily wholesale to specialty shops in the San Francisco Bay Area such as Bi-Rite Market, Canyon Market and the La Cocina Kiosk in the Ferry Building. I also sell to many of the Whole Foods Markets in the area and hope to eventually have my own shop. The concept that there is no tempered chocolate shell on any of my truffles is what makes them unique. It's why I call them "the hearts of chocolate truffles." It's been challenging creating this type of confection. I've formulated a recipe that keeps the ganache soft but firm enough to stand on its own.

Chocolate Varieties: I started with five core-flavored truffles all made with dark chocolate: Almond Butter topped with Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, Zested Lime, Crushed Cacao Nib, Toasted Coconut and Mocha Cinnamon. I introduced Warm Ginger Root and Cool Peppermint last Fall and Winter and have added them to the repertoire. My latest addition is Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffle topped with Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt.

Chocolate Brand: Guittard. It's part of my mission to use ingredients that are as local as possible. Fortunately my kitchen is just a few miles from the Guittard Chocolate factory.

Signature Chocolate: Almond Butter topped with Applewood Smoked Sea Salt is the most popular.

Personal Favorite: At the end of the day when I'm exhausted and covered with chocolate, Toasted Coconut is my go-to. I love the smooth, coconutty ganache contrasted with the toasted macaroon coconut on lop.

Personal Quote: "When I go out to eat I ask to see the dessert menu before I order. If I had it my way, I'd eat dessert first!”

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